About Us

In 1984, Ralph Gifford decided to pursue the American Dream of starting his own company.

He believed he could create a better, customer focused, custom precision spring manufacturing business.  Starting with one machine in his garage and a handful of customers, Gifford Spring Company was born.

Driven by Ralph’s integrity, leadership and performance excellence, his company very quickly outgrew the garage and moved to Gold Street in Garland, Texas, where the facility remains today!

Manufacturing Success

Gifford Spring Company owes much of its success to its ability to manufacture high-quality custom precision springs and wire forms with short lead times using secondary operational step-saving machines that Ralph personally designed and built using pneumatic and electronic technology and components. During this early period of dynamic growth, Ralph introduced electronic gauging and sorting on automatic spring coiling machines to the Dallas manufacturing community.

A Philosophy of Excellence

Today, Gifford Spring Company serves customers of all sizes, providing products from prototypes to short runs to high volume production items. We have served many of our customers for our 30 years in business, maintaining strong relationships based on service, respect and outstanding quality.

Ralph Gifford’s philosophy of integrity and ethical business conduct continues to guide everything we do at Gifford Spring Company. And his creativity and ingenuity motivates us to welcome new challenges and look with confidence to exciting future opportunities.  Each member of our team is dedicated to follow the remarkable example he set and maintain the standards he established over 30 years ago. Our continued success is possible because of our impassioned leadership and tremendous employees!

Each member of our team is dedicated to follow  the remarkable example he set and maintain the standards he established over 30 years ago.

Meet Our Team

Blake Gifford

Since 1986

Melany Gifford

Since 1988

Bernie Espindola

Since 1997

Jesus Chavez

Since 1998

Trish Johnson

Since 1998

Jose Torres

Since 2003

Missy Rodgers

Since 2008

Arnulfo Espindola

Since 2011

Evan Rodgers

Since 2019

Ulysses Valedias

Since 2021

James Johnson

Since 2022

Lana Nguyen

Since 2022

Rudy Rayborn

Since 2022