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Custom Spring

Choosing the Right Material for Your Custom Spring

By Gifford Spring | August 31, 2021

Do you know the right material for your custom spring?  Technically, it’s possible to make a spring out of nearly any manufacturable material. But just because a material can be used for a spring doesn’t mean that it should be.  Not all materials can withstand the repetition and pressure that springs are subject to in…

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Overstressed springs

How to Prevent a Custom Spring from Becoming Overstressed

By Gifford Spring | August 10, 2021

Is your spring at risk of failing due to being overstressed?  By definition, springs are designed to take on a considerable amount of stress. When the spring is used in its intended application, it takes on stress anytime it’s extended or compressed. As long as the force exerted on the spring is within its elastic…

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Custom Spring

How Does Spring Prototyping Work?

By Gifford Spring | June 28, 2021

Thinking about getting a spring prototype made before going into full production? If you need a proof of concept or anticipate design iterations, a prototype is the best place to start. Whether you know exactly what type of spring you need or have no idea where to begin, spring prototyping provides a great opportunity for collaboration.…

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What Type of Precision Spring Does My Project Need?

By Gifford Spring | April 16, 2021

Does your project require a spring? If you know you need a spring but aren’t sure which type you need, you’re not alone!  At Gifford Spring, we love demystifying the spring selection process for our customers. It all boils down to understanding the three main types of springs: extension, compression, and torsion.  Once you understand…

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