Taking Your Custom Springs from Prototype to Production

Want to transition your custom spring seamlessly from prototype to production? Your best bet is to work with a spring manufacturer with expertise in both manufacturing stages that can facilitate the progression from one stage to the next. 

Here are the top reasons Gifford Spring Company customers choose to work with our team for prototyping and production.

1. Prototyping with a Production Mindset 

Whenever a customer sends us a new design or makes a significant change to an existing one, we create at least one prototype to make sure that we get it right. When high-volume production is the goal, we take the time to optimize the prototype for manufacturing at scale. 

Conducting our due diligence during prototyping helps us avoid unwelcome surprises during production. Often, we provide customers with several iterations of a custom spring for testing so that they can determine which version works best. 

Although we remain mindful of customers’ timelines, we never rush the prototyping process. We adjust the design as often as needed until the customer is completely confident in their custom spring’s performance. 

2. Seamless Transition from Prototype to ProductionCustom Spring

When you bring a prototype created by one spring manufacturer to another spring manufacturer for production, there is a risk that information will become lost in translation between the two shops. Incomplete documentation from a prototyping shop is a common problem customers face, often forcing them to prove out the custom spring again with the production manufacturer.

When you work with our shop for prototyping and production, you can rest assured that by the time we reach production, we know your custom spring inside and out and can proceed with the utmost confidence. 

As we wrap up prototyping, we take note of any changes that we may need to make in anticipation of high-volume production. Finishing services, such as plating, are often added or adapted for production, and manual processes may pivot to CNC machining alternatives to save customers time and money. 

Laying this critical groundwork before production begins enables us to plan for required processes, materials, and more to achieve a quick production turnaround. 

3. Consistency in Custom Spring Production

Some spring manufacturers sacrifice attention to detail for speed during production. But Gifford Spring Company customers can expect the same quality control during high-volume production that they enjoyed during prototyping.

Because we pave the way for production success during prototyping, our customers never have to choose between high-quality springs and speedy production一they get both.

We manage the prototype-to-production transition closely to maintain consistent quality through our rigorous inspection process. If we subcontract finishing services to one of our trusted vendors, we also vet their quality control processes in compliance with our ISO 9001:2015 certification.

Partner with Gifford Spring Company 

Since 1984, we have made it our mission to provide our customers with the highest quality services in every stage of manufacturing. We welcome the opportunity to help you reach new levels of success by scaling your custom springs and are honored that so many customers have chosen us as their full-service custom spring manufacturer.

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