Custom Torsion Spring Manufacturing

Torsion Springs work by resisting externally applied torque. Friction and arm deflection both affect torque. Torsion springs are most effective when supported over a rod or tube.

Double torsion springs consist of one right-hand and one left-hand coil section connected to each other and working in parallel.

We frequently manufacture both plain-end custom torsion springs and those with multiple complex bends. Torsion springs are commonly manufactured from round wire. We can manufacture torsion springs as small as 0.012” wire diameter and as large as 0.200” wire diameter.

Prototype to low volume production

Simple to complex parts

Quick production turnaround 

Plating, Cleaning, Electropolishing, & Painting Services

Available in a wide variety of materials


Parts shipped in 2-4 weeks standard

Custom Spring Manufacturing Services

Compression Springs

Types of custom precision compression springs we manufacture include conical, hourglass, barrel, constant pitch, variable pitch, and more. Gifford manufactures both prototype and large-volume production runs of custom compression springs.

Extension Springs

Types of custom precision extension springs we manufacture include D-rings, S-hooks, and other customized shapes. Gifford manufactures both prototype and large-volume production runs of custom wire forms.

Wire Forms

Wire Forms range from simple handle constructions to complex parts with multiple bends. Gifford Spring specializes in both. We manufacture complex wire forms, hooks, rings, frames, and clips. Wire forms typically contain a combination of bends to suit the customer’s application.

Prototype Springs

We love quantity 1 and we are experts in manufacturing prototype springs. Types of custom precision springs we manufacture include compression springs, extension springs, torsion springs, and more.