6 Common Applications for Custom Wire Forms

You know us as Gifford Spring, but there’s more to us than our name may imply. In addition to making springs, we also make custom precision wire forms!

Typically formed from round wire, wire forms can be manufactured to fit customers’ needs, no matter how complex. They’re found in wide range of items, from military equipment and aircraft seating, to napkin holders, handles, and hooks. 

We have the expertise—to manufacture custom wire forms for a wide range of customer applications. 

Benefits of Choosing a Wire Form

Other manufacturing methods, such as injection molding and machining, can achieve an end part with similar functionality as a custom wire form. However, depending on the number of parts you need, other methods of manufacturing can be cost-prohibitive, making wire-forming a great choice for prototyping or low-volume production.

Here are some additional benefits you’ll get from choosing a custom wire form: 

  • Easy access attachment points for quick assembly
  • Inexpensive and easy to machine
  • Material flexibility and spring-like behavior
  • Easy to customize and mold to the shape of whatever it’s holding
  • Better stress absorbing properties than plastic

6 Common Applications for Wire Forming

Curious as to how you can incorporate wire forms into your next design? Here are some common wire forming applications: 

  1. Frames. Wire forms provide structural support and add reinforcement to products made with softer materials such as upholstery. For example, the aerospace industry might require a wireform to reinforce the fabric for airplane seating.
  2. Hangers. Hooks, hangers, and other similar applications are well suited for wire forming.
  3. Handles. If you need to attach a handle to a product, wire forming is a great solution and easy to assemble option.
  4. Support structures. We use the fully customizable properties of wire forms to build support structures for weighted objects. We’ve manufactured table stands for tablets and wall-mounted supports for gaming controllers with one-of-a-kind wire forms.
  5. Spring-like applications. When you need a part with spring-like properties, such as the ability to exert pressure while maintaining flexibility, you might be able to use a wire form instead. Torsion or extension springs can even be incorporated into wire forms in some instances. 
  6. Rings. Basic rings or clips are simple shapes that can easily be formed with wire. 

When you need a custom wire form, look no further than Gifford Spring. Our CNC 3D wire bending equipment guarantees manufacturing repeatability and maintains high precision. Request a quote for your custom wireform today!