Taking Your Custom Springs from Prototype to Production

Custom Spring

Want to transition your custom spring seamlessly from prototype to production? Your best bet is to work with a spring manufacturer with expertise in both manufacturing stages that can facilitate the progression from one stage to the next.  Here are the top reasons Gifford Spring Company customers choose to work with our team for prototyping…

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The Top 3 Reasons Custom Springs Fail

Custom Spring Failure

In our almost 40 years of manufacturing high-quality custom springs at Gifford Spring Company, we have seen many factors that can lead to spring failure.  Our experience has given us valuable insight into the key reasons your springs could fail as designed, and more importantly—how to prevent a spring from failing.   Reason #1: Issues…

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6 Design Considerations for Custom Compression Springs

Compression springs

When you hear the word “spring,” it is likely that the image of a compression spring comes to mind. Compression springs are the most common of all spring types. As the name suggests, compression springs are designed to compress when force is applied. These springs deflect in a linear motion, resisting the applied force and…

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5 Design Considerations for Custom Extension Springs

extension springs

With hooks on both ends, extension springs attach to two components in an application and resist tensile forces, elongating as those components pull away from one another. An extension spring stores energy as it elongates creating a pulling force between the components. Extension springs are used in many common and industrial applications, including: Farm equipment…

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How Design Impacts Cost: Springs and Wire Forming

design impacts cost

With the twin pressures of inflation and supply chain challenges continuing to impact manufacturers, keeping cost in mind for spring and wire forming services remains a high priority for our customers.  At Gifford Spring Company, we are here to support you. — Here are a few factors that directly impact the cost of your parts.…

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Plan Ahead to Mitigate Supply Chain Challenges

supply chain challenges

At Gifford Spring Company, meeting (and exceeding) our customers’ expectations is our top priority. That means making sure we can provide the parts you need today—as well as six months or a year from now.  It is no secret that supply chain challenges have significantly impacted the manufacturing industry since 2020. While recent indicators show…

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5 Design Considerations for Torsion Springs

Torsion Springs

Do you need a custom torsion spring for your assembly? Torsion springs are an excellent choice for mechanisms that require rotational force or resistance (torque). With legs extending from both sides of the spring’s coils, the torque is transferred from the spring’s coils, through the legs, then to the component attached to the legs. Depending…

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The Importance of Load Testing in Custom Spring Manufacturing

load testing

Customers often think the best way to ensure their custom spring functions as intended in an application is to carefully define the spring’s physical dimensions such as free length or number of coils.  While that information is important, there is a tried and true way of simulating a spring’s function in its end-use environment: a…

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Material Options for Custom Wire Forming Services

material options

At Gifford Spring Company, we can form just about any round material into a custom wire form. But we like to dig deeper with our customers so that they feel confident they are using the best material possible for their specific applications.  When selecting a material for your wire form, it is critical to look…

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